Tokyo' Punk Underground

Tokyo' Punk UndergroundUsugrow is a highly respected artist in Japan, known for his contributions to the visual identity of Tokyo's punk underground scene, as well as his impressive body of work in illustration, streetwear, and contemporary art. He is considered one of the most famous illustrators in Japan and is highly regarded in the worlds of contemporary art and streetwear. Along with Japanese sculptor Haroshi, Usugrow founded the Tokyo gallery in 2014 and recently opened the Shintorapress gallery. Usugrow's signature lettering style, inspired by Mexican culture and Cholo graffiti, has undergone decades of refinement and is now an unmistakable trademark. In recent years, he has adopted a more fluid, Arabic lettering style influenced by his experiences in Morocco and Islamic art.Usugrow's artwork will be featured on a member's token being released this season. The token, which is limited to 2000 editions, will grant users access to a members-only channel on the DRP discord, preference WL spots for future projects, and exclusive access to exclusive artwork by Usugrow. The token can be minted now on your DRP profile page.